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Children's treatment centre services

OCTC School

Learning Without Limits

Located on CHEO's campus, directly across from Roger Neilson House, the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC) School is an educational facility which provides a unique and innovative educational/therapy program for kindergarten students with complex physical needs.

This early intervention program is led by a highly qualified and committed team of educators and therapists. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are integrated into a full day school program based on the Ontario curriculum. This program is offered in both English and French.

This multidisciplinary approach to education and therapy aims to create a foundation of early learning; maximizing each child’s potential in many areas including academic, physical, communication, and social development.

All children who attend OCTC School transition to community school boards in order to continue building upon the skills fostered by the educational/therapy team.

School transitions are facilitated by the School Liaison team through a collaborative process with educational, therapy, community partners and parents under the supervision of the OCTC School Principal.

Contact Us

For information regarding admission to the OCTC School, please contact Principal Mari Murray:

Office Administrator:

School Hours:

  • 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

School Absence Reporting Line:

  • 613-737-4320 

Assessment, Evaluation, Goals & Transition

Assessment and evaluation of each student's educational and therapeutic progress is closely monitored, as well timely and effectively communicated to parents by both teachers and therapists.

OCTC School is a short-term early intervention educational and therapy program with a goal to optimize progress for community school admission. OCTC School staff assist with transitioning students to schools and school boards in Eastern Ontario when students have reached and maximized their potential at OCTC School.

This transition is facilitated in partnership with families and community school partners under the guidance of the OCTC School Principal in collaboration with school liaison, teachers, as well as both educational and therapy teams.

School Liaison Services

The School Liaison team provides support services for students with a primary diagnosis of a physical disability who are clients of the Children’s Treatment Centre. Services are provided from Junior Kindergarten to age 18. Students do not need to attend the OCTC School in order to receive services.
Through a consultative model of service, the Liaison Team provides support to school teams, Special Education Consultants, therapists and community organizations as required in order to assist with meeting the diverse educational needs of children with physically disabilities throughout Eastern Ontario.

The Liaison staff work collaboratively with families as they navigate the education system and provide support through school transitions in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for children, their families, and school teams.

Services are provided in both English and French. 



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