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Clinical Education and Career Development


CHEO is a pediatric hospital treating children and adolescents with medical, surgical and mental health needs. We are a teaching hospital and research institution, educating nurses, physicians and allied health care providers from around the globe. CHEO welcomes students and instructors for their pediatric nursing experience. The provision of quality patient care and attainment of student educational objectives can be met with planning, cooperation and communication, while considering the needs and well being of the child and family. For more in-depth information and requirements for student placements at CHEO, please refer to CHEO student guidelines.
In addition to instructor led clinical rotations at CHEO, we are pleased to offer precepted clinical placements for consolidation students in a wide variety of clinical settings. Graduate students pursuing MScN, or MN are also invited to complete clinical practicum at CHEO with clinical advisors such as our Advanced Practice Nurses (APN).


The purpose of general Nursing Orientation is to introduce nurses to a competency based practice environment while also fostering a sense of community within CHEO. General Nursing Orientation is composed of core teaching days offered by various health care professionals at CHEO and is designed to provide content related to:

  • Direct clinical care (pharmacology, IV therapy, documentation, etc.)
  • The culture of nursing practice at CHEO (care that is family centered care, culturally competent, respects the developmental needs of children, etc.)
  • Comprehensive pediatric systems overview
  • CHEO's Pediatric Nursing Competencies for Registered Nurses

Nursing Rounds

Nursing Rounds are held monthly as a continuing education activity whose purpose is to share information related to evidenced based practice initiatives, research based projects, or other areas of general nursing interest.

Nurses at CHEO are life long learners and as such are encouraged to be active partners in education planning to support their learning needs. Educational activities to promote the ongoing professional development of all nurses at CHEO are offered in a variety of learning strategies that includes on line learning, workshops and mock codes, simulation. CHEO nurses also support our regional partners by sharing pediatric nurse expertise through educational sessions within CHEO and within the community.

Interprofessional Education

In an awareness of the evidence that Interprofessional education improves clinical practice and collaboration, we are developing more and more opportunities for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, respiratory therapists and others to learn together. Examples of these learning opportunities include high fidelity simulation for trauma resuscitation and mock codes, some of which are telecast to our community partners.

RNAO Education Funding Initiatives

The Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO) Awards and Scholarship Program has available $76,500.00 for a total of 41 awards and scholarships in 2009 in support of nurses and nursing students in advancing their education. For a brochure and additional information about the application process please visit their website

To see examples of past RNAO Fellowship projects at CHEO click here.
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