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Our Commitment to Care

CHEO’s Patient/Family Centred Care Values

CHEO believes the highest quality of care includes a patient/family centred approach. Carrying the expertise and continuous role in the daily lives of our patients, families become key members of the health care team. The following values guide the health care team, including the patients and their family, towards a successful partnership.


  • Treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect;
  • Be sensitive to individuality of patients and their families including stages of development, lifestyles, language, culture, and spirituality;
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of patients and their families;
  • Keep the well-being of the patient at the forefront of all discussions and decisions;
  • Keep appointments or notify ahead of time of cancellations.


  • Know the names and functions of those involved in the care;
  • Share information in an honest, clear and timely fashion;
  • Address the risks and benefits of the treatment proposed and the alternatives before a decision is made;
  • Be open to questions to clarify information;
  • Make a plan to identify and address linguistic needs of patients and their families; 
  • Follow provincial standards to ensure timely and appropriate access to the patient’s health record.


  • Patients and their families are active in the discussions about the plan of care;
  • Incorporate the input of all members of the health care team, including the patient and the family, into care decisions;
  • Families participate actively in their child/youth’s care;
  • Make and follow through on discharge plans;
  • Be open to reminders about patient safety, such as hand washing and use of personal protective equipment.
  • Involve families in all aspects of the hospital, including development and evaluation of programs, policy development and facility design.


  • Patients and their guardians will define who provide them comfort and support and therefore who their immediate family is;
  • Care planning includes the physical, developmental, social, emotional, mental health and spiritual and linguistic needs of the patients and their family;
  • Strive to relieve families of the need to repeat information about their child at every visit;
  • Provide a physical environment that espouses patient/family-centred care and promotes the safety of patients and families. 
  • Encourage formal and informal support for families.

If you feel a patient/family-centred approach is not being used, please speak to a member of your healthcare team or to the Patient/Family Representative at ext 3078.

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