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Too many doors means too little care. So let’s simplify.

Some of the most vulnerable children in Eastern Ontario face a fractured delivery model of essential health services. Every extra door for care adds to the burden on 40,000 already overburdened families today. We can change that.

The solution starts with a single door.

Why #1door4care?

CHEO’s clinical services for children and youth with special needs are currently spread across numerous locations in the region.

This fractured delivery model is simply not meeting the needs of 40,000 families in Eastern Ontario who use CHEO’s developmental, rehabilitation, behavioural and mental health services, funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Child and Youth Services. It’s a model that tells these families their experiences don’t matter.

We want to bring eight locations under one roof — to create a single door for better access and care. The facilities at these eight locations are outdated, in poor condition and not suitable for the delivery of care and services required by these vulnerable children and youth. Every extra door adds to the burden on 40,000 already overburdened families.

Let’s show Besan and her family— that their experiences do matter with the #1door4care solution.

“We need one door, and a big wide door, so there is room for everyone.” — Mother of two children using mental health services

“Too much time is spent apologizing for the environment where we deliver care.” — Barb Casey, Director of Mental Health Services


#1door4care solution

A new, integrated, state-of-the-art building will provide customized supports for developmental, rehabilitation, behavioural and mental health services provided by CHEO. 

It’s about equity. Other regions in the province already have access to these services in purpose-built spaces and buildings —including Durham, Hamilton, Halton and Peel. Let’s level the playing field for families in Eastern Ontario and give them the same access to services.

We have a plan. It’s been in the works for nearly a decade.

Now we need the funding to get shovels in the ground — to make this new facility a reality for some of our most vulnerable children and families.

Let’s give them one door to walk through.

Your support will make this building happen. It’s simple.

“What we spend on rent, we’d rather spend on co-ordinating services and cutting wait times.” — Alex Munter, President and CEO, CHEO

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