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Resources – Scoliosis

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Resource List

Bookie and the scoliosis diagnosis / Saab, Nina -- Ottawa: Nina Saab, 2008.
This is the story of a little girl’s experience with discovering she has scoliosis. This story educates children and parents on the disease with playful dialogue and lighthearted illustrations.
FAM RD 771 .S3 S33 2008

/ Silverstein, Alvin -- New York: Franklin Watts, 2002.
Scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine, develops in some children as they are growing. This introductory book gives an overview of this medical condition.
FAM RD 771 .S3 S56

Scoliosis: ascending the curve
/ Lyons, Brooke -- New York: M. Evans and Company Inc., 1999.
Provides an understanding of how scoliosis is diagnosed and managed, state-of-the art treatments, and how to deal with the psychological impact of scoliosis.
FAM RD 771 .S3 L98 1999

La scoliose: se preparer à la chirurgie / Joncas, Julie -- Montréal: Les éditions de l'Hôpital Sainte-Justine, 2000.
Cet ouvrage s'adresse particulièrement aux adolescents et adolescentes qui doivent subir une chirurgie correctrice pour une scoliose de même qu'à leurs familles. L'auteur explique en détail, en quoi consistent la scoliose et la chirurgie correctrice ; il donne également tous les renseignements concernant la pré hospitalisation et les périodes per et postopératoire.
FAM RD 771 .S3 J65 2000

Scoliosis: preparing for surgery / Joncas, Julie -- Montréal: Hôpital Sainte-Justine, 2000.
This book is aimed specifically at adolescents who undergo corrective surgery for scoliosis as well as their families. The author explains in detail, what are scoliosis and corrective surgery; it also gives all the information about the hospital and what to expect pre-and post-op.
FAM RD 771 .S3 J6513 2000

Straight talk with the curvy girls: scoliosis: brace yourself for what you need to know / Mulvaney, Theresa E.; Stoltz, Robin. -- New York: Straight Talk Scoliosis, 2013.
This book guides the reader through the unique challenges of living with scoliosis.  Intimate dialogue with scoliosis-affected teens and their families, and conversations with medical professionals prepare readers to ask the right questions and better understand treatment options.
FAM RD 771 .S3 M85 2013

There's an "S" on my back: "S" is for scoliosis / Mahony, Mary -- Belmont, MA: Redding Press, 1999.
When Maisey MacGuire finds out she has scoliosis, she must learn how to cope with the condition and with the changes that wearing a brace brings to her life.
FAM RD 771 .S3 M25

Understanding scoliosis / Satkunarasa, Shen; deLoache, Shawn. -- New York: Medikidz USA, Inc., 2018.
In graphic novel format, the Medikidz, superheroes from the planet Mediland, help the reader and Jessica understand scoliosis.
FAM RD 771 .S28 2018

What can I give you? / Mahony, Mary -- Belmont, MA: Redding Press, 1997.
Author and mother Mary Mahony takes you on a remarkable journey, one in which she chronicles the life of her family following her daughter Erin's scoliosis diagnosis. It is a story of pain, discovery, uncertainty, happiness, and ultimately hope and resilience.
FAM RD 771 .S3 M28

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Web Sites

Scoliosis – MedlinePlus from the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Qu’est-ce qui cause la scoliose? – About Kids Health / What Causes Scoliosis? – About Kids Health

Association de la scoliose du Québec

Kids Health – Information for Kids, Teens and Parents from the Nemours Foundation

National Scoliosis Foundation

Scoliosis Research Society

Scoliosis: Should I (or My Child) Have Surgery? – Health Link BC

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Local Contacts

Curvy Girls Ottawa Support Group

This guide provides medical material for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. The information may not always apply to your individual situation.

The guide represents material available in the Family Resource Library collection at CHEO. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Your local public library may also be able to provide valuable information.

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