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About the Laboratory Patient Services Office (LPSO)

Hours of Operation

  • CHEO Clinic Patients (any age): 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Thursday and 8:00 to 16:00 Friday
  • Community (Private Office) Patients (under 3 years old and 3-7 years with restrictions). 8:30 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.
  • Inquiries regarding whether a patient may have their blood drawn at Cheo: 613-737-7600 extension 2691

Scope of Practice

CHEO can only provide phlebotomy services for community patients who are 7 years of age and under. All other community outpatients, as well as family members of CHEO clinic patients must go to a laboratory in the community. There are many instances where children age 3-7 are not eligible to have their blood work drawn at CHEO.

Please contact the LPSO at 613-737-7600 extension 2691 to determine if your child is eligible to have their blood work done at CHEO.

The following are the most common tests CHEO cannot perform over the age of 2 years old (before the age of 3). Please note this is not a complete list.
Ferritin, Celiac Screen, Anti Tissue Transglutaminase, TTG, Folate, Allergy testing, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Lead, Carnitine, Carotene, CH100, & Copper.

In certain instances, CHEO will continue to assist the community by providing phlebotomy services for the following patients:

  • Patients who are 8 years of age or older, who require phlebotomy services at CHEO due to special circumstances. A "Referral Form for Phlebotomy Services" must accompany these patients and can be provided by the community laboratories

  • Patients referred from the Genetics clinic at CHEO

Patients (up to 18 years of age) with special circumstances include:

  • Physically disabled children with complex diagnoses

  • Developmentally challenged children with special needs

  • Children with complex diagnoses - transplant/ immuno-suppressed (includes those who may be transferred to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for specialized treatment)

  • CHEO patients with a chronic illness and who are here for multiple appointments

Patients will have their blood work drawn according to the following priority:

1. Emergency (STAT) Blood Work
2. Timed Tests (including bloodwork for special medication administration)
3. Fasting patients.
4. Clinic Patients
5. Private Office Patients
6. Staff (requests from Occupational Health only)

Community patients requiring testing such as, ova and parasite, swabs or urinalysis, are requested to bring their specimens to a community laboratory. CHEO will not accept these specimens. However, if you have blood work to do on the same day, processing these samples may be considered.

Physicians are responsible to ensure that patients and families are directed to the appropriate facility for laboratory services. Requesting physician is responsible for properly completing the requisitions, including patients name, date of birth and tests required.

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