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Family Decision Services

Helping Families Make Tough Healthcare Decisions

About Family Decision Services

CHEO believes the highest quality of care includes a patient- and family-centred approach to care. We recognize and respect the expertise and continuous role of the family in their child or youth's life. Families are key members of the health care team at CHEO. While health care professionals are experts on health and disease, families are the experts on their child and what matters most to their family. When information is shared, children and families receive the care that is best for them.

We understand that being in the hospital or dealing with the healthcare system can be difficult, confusing and stressful, especially when the health of a child or youth is involved. We can provide tools (like decision aids) and resources (like trained decision coaches) that families can access to improve their understanding of the problems and options, decide what is most important to them, and communicate their preferences to their healthcare team. Together, we can address the child and family's needs.

Development of CHEO Family Decision Services began in 2009 with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and now the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Our goal is to help families partner with healthcare providers to make decisions that are right for their child; decisions that they will be able to put in place with support. We believe that a good decision is informed and consistent with what matters most to the family. We want children, their families and the healthcare team to be satisfied with the process of decision making.

We are working with researchers to create and improve tools and methods that can lead to better communication about decisions between families and the healthcare team. We are also training CHEO staff in the use of these tools and in decision coaching which can be provided to CHEO families who are facing difficult health care decisions.

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Tel: 613-737-7600 (x4115)

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