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Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

A visit to the clinic will begin with an initial assessment by one of the cardiology nurses. Because CHEO is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, your visit may also include an initial assessment by a senior medical student or pediatric resident (a doctor who is doing special training to become a pediatric doctor) prior to seeing the cardiologist. Depending upon what tests are required, your visit may take up to two hours. Most new patients will not require any testing on their initial visit.

Arrhythmia Clinic

In the CHEO Arrhythmia Clinic, we care for children and youth who have problems with their heart rhythm (or heart beat). We also care for children who are at risk for heart rhythm problems. Some of these problems run in families, so we use the specific expertise to carefully assess children and teenagers to see if they also have the condition.

    Pacemaker Clinic

    The Pacemaker Clinic is scheduled several times a month for routine follow-up. Previously seen patients and their families can call the Nursing Line (613-737-7600 ext. 3109) with questions concerning the child’s pacemaker or other health issues.

    When your child’s heart needs a pacemaker, it is inserted to relieve symptoms of heart rhythm disturbances. It does this by restoring normal heart rates. Regular follow-up clinic visits ensure the pacemaker is working properly.

    During your child’s visit, a small computer is used to read information inside the pacemaker. The first step is to apply 5 stickers attached to 5 leads (insulated wires), which connect with the small computer. Then, a special pacemaker magnet is placed on the skin over your child’s pacemaker. Many parts of the pacemaker are checked during these visits including the pacemaker settings, the battery status and the leads.

    Many of the pacemaker’s functions can be adjusted or programmed by the pacemaker doctor or nurse to meet your child’s needs and to help the system last as long as possible.

    During this appointment you may also be scheduled for an ECG and/or Holter. X–rays are also routinely requested at this time.

    Satellite and Outreach Clinics

    The Cardiology Department performs outreach clinics to Iqualuit, Baffin Island once to twice a year. Children with suspected and known heart disease from the communities of Nunavut can receive full cardiac evaluations during these clinics, often saving them a more extensive trip to Ottawa.

    Fearless Physical Activity

    The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance is proud to present the Fearless Physical Activity event series to Ontarians living with congenital heart disease. Fearless Physical Activity is designed to provide you and your family the opportunity to try fun physical activities available in your local community. Each season, multiple Fearless Physical Activity events will be held across the province. Come learn about fun ways to integrate physical activity into your lifestyle!

    For more information:

    Visit Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance or contact Jenna Yaraskavitch 

    Download Fearless Physical Activity event poster

    Maple Minds

    Maple Minds is a mindfulness, yoga and relaxation group program to help manage chronic disease. Learn more about our Maple Minds Program and how it can help your family. 

    Summer Camp

    Cardiology Week at Camp Otonabee!

    The 2019 summer camp approved for cardiac kids, running from August 12th to August 16th, is a great opportunity for kids with various cardiac conditions to have fun, experience camp life, meet new friends, and make wonderful memories, all while in a safe environment. This 1-week day camp will be filled with activities such as canoeing, climbing wall, swimming, high ropes course, crafts and outdoor group activities, all adaptable according to the child’s health. An open-door day, for the whole family, will take place on May 26th, 2019. You’ll be able to learn more about the opportunity as well as meet other families. For more information and/or to register, please contact Angelica Blais by email at

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